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Welcome to the San Juan County Master Gardener website! This page is dedicated to providing updated information for current and potential master gardeners in San Juan County NM. Anyone may sign up to receive Master Gardener monthly updates, even if they have not completed the training course. You may also sign up to receive various committee emails as well. Please contact Bonnie Hopkins, Agriculture Agent for San Juan County and program coordinator for the SJC Master Gardeners.

If you would like to be contacted to be put on the waiting list for the next training program, please call 505-334-9496

What is a Master Gardener? Master Gardeners are trained volunteers that provide research-based horticultural education, guidance and resources in our community. The San Juan County Master Gardeners are overseen by Bonnie Hopkins Byers, the Agriculture Extension Agent. Master Gardeners help increase public awareness and understanding on horticultural topics and community needs.

What do Master Gardeners do? Master Gardeners in San Juan County assist the County Extension agent to provide outreach to our community in regards to best horticultural practices and gardening programs. In San Juan County the main focus on the Master Gardener program is assisting with the Growing Forward Farm at the Extension office, and assisting the agent with community tours, classes and events.

How do I become a San Juan County Master Gardener? The Master Gardener program is hosted by NMSU and the San Juan County Extension office. Each participating county has a local chapter. To become a member of the SJC Master Gardener Chapter, residents of San Juan County NM must complete the required training program, and complete 40 hours of volunteer service by Dec 31 of the year of their training. Once participants have completed the training, and 40 hours they become an official Master Gardener. To remain a member of the SJC Master Gardener chapter in good standing members must pay a $20 membership fee and complete 20 hours of volunteer service and 8 hours of continuing education must be completed annually.

What kind of volunteer work do Master Gardeners do? SJC Master Gardeners will assist the Ag Agent with programs at Growing Forward Farm, located at the SJC Extension office. Examples include leading classes or activities for community members and youth around the topic of gardening, landscape, soil, compost, etc. depending on the expertise and passion of each participant. Alternative volunteer service is accepted with approval of the agent, such as community classes off-farm; attending health fairs; serving on a call based hotline; writing gardening articles or social media posts or videos; or other requests handled by request.

Current Master Gardener Forms and Documents

  • Volunteer Agreement
    Master Gardeners for NMSU must agree to the statements included in the Volunteer Agreement in order to participate in the MG program.
  • NMSU Master Gardener Photo Release form
    Master Gardeners are often the subjects of photos for NMSU programs. All participants are asked to review the request and accept or reject permission to use their photographs in NMSU program materials.

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Bonnie M Hopkins
213-A South Oliver Drive
Phone: 5053349496