Bee Keeping in the Four Corners

agandhort/bee-act1.pdfagandhort/bee-act.pdfThis is a resource guide of helpful information for bee keeping the Four Corners region, New Mexico. Click on the red links to be directed to the stated resource.

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  • Bee Health eXtension
    A collection of Extension research and publications regarding beekeeping, including health, viruses, mites and more.
  • New Mexico Bee Keepers Association
    The New Mexico Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization of private beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, persons interested in promoting the importance of the honey bee in the environment, and businesses related to the honey industry. Representing all regions of New Mexico, the Association maintains a close affiliation with the State of New Mexico’s Department of Agriculture. Membership in the Association is open to all interested persons.
  • Bee Informed Partnership
    The Bee Informed Partnership is dedicated to working with beekeepers to better understand which management practices work best. We gather survey data from thousands of beekeepers every season to understand how different management practices affect honey bee health, and we report our findings back to the industry.
  • NM Farmers Marketing Association recommendations for selling raw honey in NM
    Pure honey is defined as a raw agricultural commodity. Therefore, pure honey producers are not required to obtain a food processor permit. Honey producers do, however, come under the NM Food Act, requiring them to label their products and prohibiting adulteration of their products. Honeys with additives such as herbs are, however, subject to the food processing regulations, as these additives may change the chemistry of the honey and affect its anti-microbial properties.

New Mexico Dept of Agriculture Apiary Information

  • New Mexico Dept of Ag Apiary Information
    The Entomology & Nursery Industries Section is responsible for commercial honey bee colony registration and other apiary regulatory activities throughout the state. For information about the program, call 575-646-3207.
  • Driftwatch Apiary Sign Up
    This site is a voluntary communication tool that enables crop producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators to work together to protect specialty crops and apiaries through use of mapping programs. It is not a substitute for any state regulatory requirements.

NMSU Publications

NMSU Swarm Call List: Please contact a beekeeper in your area if you have a swarm.

  • Swarm Call List
    If you are interested in being added to the San Juan County swarm call list, please call 505-334-9496.

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